acronym for Primary School Leaving Examination.

compulsory nationwide examination 11-12 year old Singaporean students have to sit for to determine which secondary school they will be posted to.
Teacher: Boys, PSLE is in two weeks, have you started studyin?

Student: teacher, relax man! two weeks still long time what!
by hafiz asari December 4, 2007
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initialism for Primary School Leaving Examination. a national examination in Singapore taken by students at the end of their final year in primary school

Regarded as a high-stake examination determining the ability to enter a secondary school of choice.

In Singapore, Primary 6 students (12 year olds) are required to take PSLE if they are in a government-approved institution.
The high-stakes Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) should be scrapped to counter the country's preoccupation with academic scores - one of three unhealthy trends plaguing the education system here, Ms Denise Phua (Jalan Besar GRC) said yesterday.
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if u don't know what psle is, its basically a nation-wide Singaporean exam all 12 year olds in primary school have to take at the end of the year, and the marks you get will affect what secondary school you go to.
speaking from personal experience, it is very stressful and pressuring obviously. 6 years of studying and lessons to be tested in one exam. teachers honestly make a big deal out of it too much, don't take it too hard on yourself, but still treat it seriously, because the results will affect the secondary school you'll go to, and it can affect the rest of your life. if u really start studying consistently at the start of the year etc, there is nothing to worry about.
person 1: ehhh have u studied for psle yet? i so nervous
person 2 : its fineee bro. dont worry
by takoyaki4evah September 15, 2021
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Just a govenment exam which affects which secondary school ya will be going to for P6 students(12 years-old).Don't be too stressed or nervious because your marks will be affected too.Basically,just don't be too hard on yourself and do your very best!!!
student:"I am so scared for PSLE!I won't do good!"
me:"Yoo,don't be so not confident,just try your best,your marks is yours."
by agirlinsingapore August 16, 2022
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Psle is about a leaving school examination that will post students to the secondary school depends on your level.
Teacher:Students,psle is in 1 week time,did anyone not study yet?
Whole class raises their hands.
Psle is the most streesed thing when you have not turn to a teen.
by agirlinsingapore July 23, 2022
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