In a nutshell: A form of government where your power or position is based on your ability or achievements. Like communism, this sounds really good on paper (or a computer screen).
Allow us to introduce you to the concept of a "meritocracy" - the closest thing
to a form of self-government we have. In The United Meritocratic nation-states
of the Internet, those who can do, rule. Those who wish to rule, learn.
Everyone else watches from the stands.

-- Welcome to the Internet - redpaw 1.16.00
by Eric Melech March 2, 2005
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First you create a set of measures to define merit and then you promote those individuals which rate the highest on the measuring stick.

The term meritocracy gained strong usage in society with the wealthy after Michael Young's publishing of the book, The Rise of the Meritocracy.
This is my meritocratic measuring stick. It fits me perfectly and thus I am the greatest of you all.

Down with meritocracy
The man who coined the word four decades ago wishes Tony Blair would stop using it
by Thomas Liberty Paine August 12, 2008
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Meritocracy is often a fancy word for fascism.
Our eugenics program proclaims I am of greater merit than you and that is why I lead and you follow.

In meritocracy only those who believe they are the most deserving rule.
by Thomas Liberty Paine August 10, 2008
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