A ray of sunshine. a happy person who makes others happy; to be warm, kind, bright; someone who is a delight to be around.
it's very rabin of you to come all the way to meet me.
He showed me round the town, which was very rabin of him.
by mugiwara_san December 23, 2019
When u are greedy, hungry, or ravenous for something.
Boy im rabin for all the falafel on that table there!
by September 14, 2020
A nibbler of anus hair. See also feltch.
The rabinator bit me!
by John Friginetees February 19, 2003
a large breasted woman who is very intense and likes to fool around. she loves pulling stupid pranks. no one finds them very funny. but she makes up for it with those tits and her cute little button nose.
did you see that rabine? she stole my shoe. but man i'd hit that.
by gloriadelrosa November 2, 2010
Playing a game on easy, but struggling due to a lack of skills or abilities
Even on Rabin Mode, I still cant beat this game
by Huskyn1nja April 30, 2019
Due to the long working hours in the 21st Century, these devices became the sole means of creating and supporting baby rabs.
Stick another sperm in the rabinator.

Time for the rabinator.

My rabinator needs renewing.
by a guess June 4, 2004