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A button nose is a nose that is small and cute.
You have a cute lil button nose hehehehehe
by babycakes1 May 10, 2010
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a breathing device (usually located on the middle portion of the face of a living being) which resembles like a button. Button noses come in various shapes, sizes and lengths. They are thought to be cute, appealing and highly desirable by certain individuals.

BNFS (or Button Nose Fetish Syndrome) is an obsession with button noses
Uncle Jim: "my cute little niece has a button nose and i know from there she is going to be one gorgeous chick when she grows up"
Aunty Joan: "Jim, thats the same thing you said about our 5 children and they all turned out average."
Uncle Jim: "Youre right Joan. Dayum! I must suffer from BNFS
by hmysfubmmhm July 27, 2010
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Fat pussy that Loves to ride allan Adam's cock at night and screams WhAt dO YoU MeAN and has anal with danielle and he does the RUNNING man across the classroom
BUTTON NOSE is a gay boy
by DYWAN Cburn May 25, 2020
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