The age a country uses for the appropriate function (age limit) to watch a film with horror, nudity, violence, and or graphic violence. Each countries RATED-R functions are different. There are no inherent international laws.
This is an example of a RATED-R film? Yes, this is one I watched before it was edited. I was twenty one years old.
by 3wk2fd February 12, 2018
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An extremely intense makeout session, complete with aggressive kisses, heavy breathing, and tons of tongue-on-tongue action, all without taking clothes off.
Guy: Hey honey, how about we go in the car and have some Rated R before your parents come home?
Girl: hehehehehehe ok ;)
by PelvicUnicorns June 29, 2012
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Squidward: Why couldn't the 11-year-old get in the pirate movie?

Mr. Krabs: Why?

Squidward: It was rated R!
Hahahaha! Arr! ...Because it's...about...pirates?
by Someone who kinda exists May 16, 2022
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This is a term invented by the WWE Raw superstar Edge. This refers to any person who is aesthetically pleasing to the eye or drop-dead sexy gorgous. This person is usually 4 ratings shy of a porn star. Usually goes about oozing sex appeal and is a magnet for anyone within a 5 mile radius. Individuals fight for the right to talk to this person, and individuals will usually get an ass wooping if they are unsuccessful or if the other people are bigger. This rated r superstar is usually a very promiscuous and has multiple parterns, but is not satisfied with the ones he/she has and always is on the hunt for more persons to add to his/she collection. This person is or isn't obvious of his or her charm and will seek to express himself in various ways. Such as strolling through a mall, going to the cinema, looking good. This person usually is popular, hence the superstar addition and has minions watching and learning from his/her escapades. Or not popular but just gifted with good looks.

Girl 1 : Aw dang, girl! Do ya see that fine guy over there?

Girl 2 : Yea, i'm checking him out. That's one Rated R superstar!
by Kimmy B November 18, 2006
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The nickname for wwe superstar edge.
Edge is the rated r superstar.
by krisis April 8, 2006
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A female that is too young to have sex with
" Man did you see that chicken head at the movies last night, I'd love to fuck the shit out of her."

"You trippin, we're 25 years old, and she's Rated R. Kelly. Go to jail if you want too."
by Von J November 7, 2007
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"Dang that dudes funny. He's freakin R-Rated Clowns material."
by DDarko April 29, 2004
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