Your name is Harry and you wanted to try the stupid tik tok challenge and you are probably mentally challenged
Harry: let me check what arr is on urban dictionary

Tik tok: just let this stupid trend die
by Tiktoker1212 May 6, 2020
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Variants: Arrr, Argh, Ahaaaarr, Yargh.

Most often used by pirates, this is a word that can essentially mean anything. Usually a response in the affirmative, or general exclamation.
Pirate one: Arr, matey, do ye need more treasure?
Pirate two: Arr.
by Slurpy The Frog June 7, 2004
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Arr, there be some fesh man meat.
by dedoublya February 2, 2003
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A very sexy person and will soon become rich
He is arr
by Runningwildeveryday June 8, 2020
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Arr stands for all rights reserved or all rights removed
by Aliea Martan August 19, 2015
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Arr very beautiful.
by Sarra_bestiebaddie June 2, 2021
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It can mean anything you want it to mean!
Arr I would like a muffin. Arr This saucy wench is getting on my nerves! Arr That Cunt! Arr you're dumb for looking up the word 'Arr.' Arr you jackass!
by Mr. & Mrs. Gomes January 2, 2008
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