6 definitions by Von J

A white male that's giving a person a hard time. Derived from slavery, the white man with the whip.
Corporate Thuggin'- Man eminem dissed you on that track, why didn't you say somethin'?

Young Jeezy- Because I'm a fat nigga, and I don't eat Crackas.
by Von J November 7, 2007
The name for police helicopters that are frequently seen in bad neighborhoods.
Man I was trying to get some sleep last night, but there was a ghetto bird circling around my house.
by Von J November 7, 2007
A gun with a silencer.
Hey I heard that your friend got shot in the chest with a biscuit buster, and nobody heard a thing.
by Von J November 7, 2007
A female that is too young to have sex with
" Man did you see that chicken head at the movies last night, I'd love to fuck the shit out of her."

"You trippin, we're 25 years old, and she's Rated R. Kelly. Go to jail if you want too."
by Von J November 7, 2007
The art and study of being a real nigga. Which includes the tan of your skin, the pitch in your voice, and usage of words. Basically, an all out hood persona.
A black man is grabbing his nut sack while sweet talking an anglo-saxon female. A white male observes from afar, and witnesses the female licking her lips at the black man. Then the white man can say, " There's some powerful niggatry at work over there."
by Von J November 7, 2007
A man who is very good in bed."Splakavillain" can be used for a varient. This word derives from "Tupac/Makaveli." Makaveli is thought to be the don thug of the rap game, So Splakaveli is the don sexual beast.
Hey did you hear that "John Doe" had "Lisa" going all night. Yah she told me he's splakaveli under the sheets.
by Von J November 7, 2007