An underwater crab who is very greedy and will kill for any amount of money, big or small. He also has crab lice, which runs rampant in his house because of all the two cent hookers that he pays only two cents to sleep with him. They are usually ones with a snatch that smells like fish and that has wizard sleeves.
Mr. Krabs: "Aargh!"
Spongebob: "What's wrong Mr. Krabs?"
Mr. Krabs: "Me genitals is itching!"
Spongebob: "Mr. Krabs, you really should stop sleeping with those prostitutes."
Mr. Krabs: "Aargh! Shut up, boy! You haven't even been laid yet!"
*Spongebob begins to cry.
by Alyssaisthebomb January 28, 2011
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A crab who is unfair, in something, attempting to oppress a yellow sponge who lives in a pineapple under the sea/ocean, and standing in the presence of a concession facility. That crab also is drove by money and greed while a yellow sponge is roasting him.
Mr. Krabs is unfair! Mr. Krabs is in there! Standing at concession! Plotting his oppression!
by The_Best_Duck_Around March 26, 2017
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The evil and greedy crab of the show Spongebob Squarepants. If he sees you picking up a penny, he'll cut your hand off and take it from you. One time he even dropped a dime down the drain and lost both of his arms trying to get it. He also has a crush on Mrs. Puff.
Fish: Hey, it's my lucky day, a penny! (reaches for penny)
Mr. Krabs: Your luck just ran out. (grabs arm)
Fish: Hey man, ease back, you're crushing my arm.
Mr. Krabs: Unhand that penny or the arm comes off!

Spongebob: Psst, Mr. Krabs, say hello.
Mr. Krabs: "Gla-goo!" *chokes*
by MistuhRickstuh August 31, 2011
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A person who does anything just for money.
You're gonna kill her just so you could win money? what kind of Mr. Krabs are you?
by minecraft_21 May 4, 2020
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The old Sweaty guy Spongebob works with, According to Patrick.
by mxs95 June 9, 2009
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Mr. Krabs: Money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money...
by SpongeSebastian June 4, 2006
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The hottsest thing ever like holy shit owowo
Mr. Krabs is so fucking hot
by Ruby Rocket September 11, 2018
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