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A place God designed himself to replicate heaven. It has everything lookin pimped, the best weather in the country, the highest population of hot chicks who are chill as fuck, and most of us are rich. One day I met this chick in my home town Laguna Niguel at the gym. She was basically a maximized version of all the other chicks in the OC- she was super fuckin hot, rich, smart, chill, smoked weed and loved house music like me. One day we cruise to the Irvine Spectrum in her BMW to chill, and on our way there we listened to Deadmau5 and tranced the FUCK out both high as fuckk on med. grade chronic. After we park I say "so girl where you wanna go?" she all the sudden unzips my pants and gives me head... it was at that moment I knew I had it all. We did this same thing almost everyday before she went to Berkeley and I went to USC. We still keep in touch and say all the time how we are moving right back to south OC after college. NOWHERE can compare to South OC.
Orange County utopia euphoria South Orange County
by OC kid March 15, 2011
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1.The best place on earth to live.
2.The RICH part of Orange County, CALIFORNIA
3. Home to the most beautiful people, beaches & weather =)
4. MTV flims "Laguna Beach" here in South Orange County
5. You see a Bentley 5 times a day
I live in SOUTH Orange County.. Not North County.. Ew.

"Oh that rich kid must live in south orange county because he's driving hIS father's bentley"
by barbie erica June 21, 2006
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