The process of pissing all over a girls face who is 14 years of age or younger for sexual arrousal and total domination... Similiar to a golden shower but with girls 14 years or younger.
The old man pulled an R Kelly on the 14 year olf girl.
by calven March 19, 2003
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Where's your restroom? I really need to take an R. Kelly.
by DJ Kanye Pepper November 08, 2012
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When a male stands up and urinates on his underage partner after a sexual encounter.
When I was done with dat biotch I gave her an R. Kelly special and made her clean it up too.
I want to piss on you. Yes, I do.
by 50 cent crack dealer July 29, 2003
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1. The act of having sex with a minor
2. Someone who has sex with a minor
1. "Man shes only 12 years old! He pulled an R Kelly!"
2. "She was 12? He's such an R Kelly!"
by Rukas February 04, 2003
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When a older person male is trying to get with someone female much much younger than they are.
My boy wana holla at old is he??He's 22..Sorry but tell him to take his R-Kelly ass and go somwhere..i'm only 14.
by Vickey July 12, 2005
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