when there is absolutely no alternative to victory, and victory is expected, if not demanded, every time a team steps into the arena. commonly linked to the AKRON GOYA basketball team, and more recently, the AKRON volleyball team, in their curshing of the other GOYA competition. total domination can also carry over to the dance floor, where the strapping, young lads from AKRON seduce lady after lady, much to the jealousy of their competition. the "O" in "A.O.C", or AKRON owns canton/columbus/camp/etc. can be easliy interchanged with "totally dominates"
As the AKRON teamed stepped onto the court, there suddenly was no doubt that there was going to be total domination over the opponents from Canton.
by goyaprez May 17, 2010
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to eat with gusto. Total domination is apparently performed by groups of hippies sitting around a campfire when a pot of stew is offered. Undoubtedly, the urge to totally dominate a stew is caused by the munchies after totally dominating a blunt or five.
Oh man, we've been, like, totally dominating that stew you guys gave us.

Um, glad you liked it. Now please stop shining your flashlight into our tent.
by elemental June 27, 2005
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