when qwerty decided to leave uiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and become a loner.
Poor qwerty is a loner.
by 🍔 Burger King November 3, 2018
A word that you type in google when your boredom levels are criticaly high and you need something to do before your head explodes. this is normally at school.
person 1.what can i do?!??!

person 2. have you tried typing qwerty into google?
person 1. no, i'll try it
by i'mboredtoo1 June 8, 2009
when you are bored in science class and decide to make a word on the urban dictionary
by _BlueDog November 15, 2018
by yous3rname September 4, 2021
Qwerty is actually an acceptable word in Scrabble. It's "a standard English keyboard"
Well, considering you can use the word "aarrghh" in Scrabble, qwerty's not too unbelievable.
by Swirly Manson October 15, 2004
Slapping your hand against your keyboard in an expression of derpy fear.
"Bro, I can't watch Slenderman. It makes me so qwerty. If ya know what I mean!"

"Geez, bro. That movie just.... qwerty....qwerty."
by Sunstreaker November 18, 2012