Your boyfriend an op, I’ll make Nina blow him -Chief Keef
by Cheenmaster November 25, 2020
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Nina is a beautiful young girl that often doubts her self worth. she loves acting and usually has brown hair and brown eyes. she loves spending time with her friends but suffers from anxiety which doesn't help with trying new things. she needs to learn to love herself for who she is and she may need constant support, but she will always be there for you no matter what. Sometimes it's hard for her to accept that life isn't fair. she is constantly trying to help people but sometimes she is the one who needs help. Sometimes she might come across as needy but she is really just needing some love. she is also amazing at hugs :) When she wants to she can SLAY.
Oh, look there's Nina! she gives the best hugs
I'm gonna text Nina I'm feeling pretty low rn
by that smart chicken September 16, 2019
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Nina means many things in many languages, but whenever you see one on the streets you'll most likely be reminded of sunshine.

They can seem quite intimidating at first, but all of that comes down to a loving, warm and quirky persona on the inside.

They usually have a perculiar and attractive taste in fashion, a loud lively laugh and a great smile.

If you ever have a chance to come across a Nina in your life, keep them close.
Person A: Damn I wanna talk to her what's her name??
Person B: That's Nina.
by chousa June 10, 2019
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Nina is a pretty relatable girl when it comes to her friends. However, for others she is very hard to understand. She doesn't like to hear what others have to say because what she thinks is right! Anyone named Nina is a thick gorgeous girl that has more cures than roads on mountain. see that baths ass? Her name must be Nina
by Ryansaves1234 May 13, 2021
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More mature than MOST adults. Her experiences in life is worth more than the weightless brain, heart and soul you carry around and is nothing you can buy or squander although some try. Labeled an array of things but doesn’t let any of it get to her heart or head. Because none of you are God, despite your egotism and power hungry antics and tactics of all sorts to try to get in her way. Holds herself to a no bullshit kind of standard so why would anyone expect any less for them from her. Goodness and greatness inside of her saved for the elite. Becomes weary at times, asking herself why she allowed such people to even bestow their insufficience in her presence, is more aware than you’ll ever give her credit for out of pure jealousy and envy. Chooses to focus on soul evolvement rather than petty ass stagnation with the blind leading the blind. If she wanted to keep you as a friend or anything there after, you would of been kept. Her past years didn’t involve too many worthwhile or wholesome individuals, so while they have continued to plot and scheme and talk the diarrhea from their mouths, she’s steady preparing for the life that is elevating her heart and soul even further. The ones who would rather try to exploit her than to befriend her. Use her rather than appreciate her. Friendship and anything there after is a two way street and most expect her to carry all the weight. Wishing bad karma on her, you will soon discover that yours is not too far behind as well.
by FuckallthisAndfuckallyou October 27, 2018
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The best fucking person you will ever meet. Acts like a whore but is actually a hopeless romantic. Has Chandler Bings personality and loves herself like Kanye loves Kanye. Acts like she rules the world and knows what she fucking wants. Is hot af and has a heart go gold.
Person 1: Dude look, god is coming over!!
Person 2: Its not god its just Nina...
Person 3: Same thing bitch.
by kanyewestismyuncle91 June 10, 2021
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Is that Nina? She's cooler than Josh
by Nhemmings February 11, 2015
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