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Nina is the hottest, funnest girl on the face of the planet. She's funny, smart, and adorable. Every guy wishes he had her, and every girl wishes they were her. Nina is very caring, loyal to her friends (unless you piss her off), makes everyone around her smile, and very nice when she wants to be. Pretty much the only downside; she thinks she's horrible. She doesn't believe you when you tell her she's pretty, and she's pretty self concious about herself. Nina needs a guy that will treat her right, a guy that will love her no matter what, a guy that will make her smile.
Wow, that girls so hot! She must be a Nina.

Girl 1: Aw man.
Girl2: What?
Girl1: I wish I was a Nina.
Girl2: Me too.
by thedarkone499 April 03, 2012
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Nina is a very beautiful girl, who often uses that to her advantage. She loves to be loved, and enjoys attention. She is minipulative at times, but has an overall respectful personality. Her weakness is her lack of ability to be humble. She believes she is just as good, if not better than everyone else. This is, however, overlooked as confidence. To make up for that though, she is a great listener, and a caring friend. Unlike most people with as high a rank in society as her, Nina wants real friends. She enjoys that feeling of having someone to rely on, and wants others to be able to rely on her.
Nina is a beautiful girl, who may use that to her advantage, but is a great person and friend.
by AllNames February 16, 2019
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A beautiful girl with a great body. She always make you laugh. She normally has brown hair, blue eyes (very light blue) and a great smile. Shes a major looker. Every guy wants to be with her, and every girl wants to be her. Shes not a slut, shes a slight tease, but she is great to be with. If you get lucky and marry a Nina, you better treat her well. If you don't she will get up and get the hell out of there. She needs a guy with a great personality and good looks. If you have a friend named Nina, keep her close. She will keep you safe, beat you at video games, (Mostly Halo!) She has three best friends. She has a jackass boyfriend, and at least three guys who like her at all times. She constantly is walking around making friends, mostly with guys. She hates horror movies, and loves the superhero movies. If you get the chance to be her superhero... Take it.
-Nay Nay
Check out my blog
by BabeNina December 18, 2013
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Nina is the most precious girl ever, she needs alot of attention and can sometimes be fragile. But alot of the time she is strong and only hurts on tge inside making sure not to tell anyone else, when Nina says she cares about you she really does and will care for you until you mess it up. Nina usually has brown hair and is active and muscular. She likes only the hot guys and is not afraid to give her opinion. She's not nessasarilly looking for enemies but when it comes to them she takes t he m down. She I very determined and it's hard to make her give up, she usually hangs out with people that care about her as much as she does and sometimes she can get a little clingy. She's very smart and nice only when she wants to be, when you date her you will get an insane amount of love and attention, so if you ever meet a Nina, keep her and make sure you don't loose her trust because you will most likely never get it back.
"Yep that's my friend Nina, she's the best" "she's my Girlfriend and she gives a lot of attention!"
by The yellow whale November 12, 2018
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Nina is the best person you will ever meet. She has 3 of the best friends anyone could ask for. The four of them are at the very top of the social pyramid at their school. Nina has beautiful brown hair that in the summer becomes close to blonde. She gets quite tan in the summer and stays that way year round. She is very smart and knows a lot about current events. Nina is a person that if you know her you also know you want to be her. Nina is literally the perfect person. Now if you were wondering about her boyfriend, well he is super funny, a little rough but not too much. He is not too much taller than her but enough for it to look like the perfect couple. Pretty much Nina is the perfect girl that everyone wants to be.
Wow! She has got to be that girl Nina everyone is talking about.
by on_point_always November 29, 2016
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A gorgeous young lady, who can't except to see how beautiful she is. You can't help but look at her and think she's amazing, and guys think she's sexy as fuck. She makes the most amazing friend in the world, who is always there for you, and can make you laugh no matter the circumstance. She's straight up with you, and isn't afraid to give you an honest opinion. Nina is the most genuine type of girl you'll find out there, and you wouldn't know what to do without her. Although, Nina can be really stupid sometimes but what can you do.
That girl is so hot, I can't believe she can't see it! What a Nina.
by LizJizzard October 03, 2012
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More mature than MOST adults. Her experiences in life is worth more than the weightless brain, heart and soul you carry around and is nothing you can buy or squander although some try. Labeled an array of things but doesn’t let any of it get to her heart or head. Because none of you are God, despite your egotism and power hungry antics and tactics of all sorts to try to get in her way. Holds herself to a no bullshit kind of standard so why would anyone expect any less for them from her. Goodness and greatness inside of her saved for the elite. Becomes weary at times, asking herself why she allowed such people to even bestow their insufficience in her presence, is more aware than you’ll ever give her credit for out of pure jealousy and envy. Chooses to focus on soul evolvement rather than petty ass stagnation with the blind leading the blind. If she wanted to keep you as a friend or anything there after, you would of been kept. Her past years didn’t involve too many worthwhile or wholesome individuals, so while they have continued to plot and scheme and talk the diarrhea from their mouths, she’s steady preparing for the life that is elevating her heart and soul even further. The ones who would rather try to exploit her than to befriend her. Use her rather than appreciate her. Friendship and anything there after is a two way street and most expect her to carry all the weight. Wishing bad karma on her, you will soon discover that yours is not too far behind as well.
by FuckallthisAndfuckallyou October 27, 2018
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