An unofficial title awarded to any marksman or gunslinger who can unholster, accurately aim and fire his handgun in less than 2 seconds.
Person 1: You see how fast that fella fired?
Person 2: He’s a real Quickdraw
by ThatBadassOnline November 14, 2020
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The act of quickly exiting a pornographic website as someone enters the room.
Dude, you gotta work on your quickdraw. I saw that porn a mile away.
by SFDX September 06, 2010
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A verb used to describe the action of an old Vietnam war vet who wishes to use smith and westons to blow your brains out in a game which you yourself must first name.
Hobo: So kids what's the name of the game?
Kid: Quickdraw???
Hobo:Your damn right it is...
by Deconns617 November 30, 2013
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admins and groups of users who delete your post immediately at will, with no justification.
Ammonia Pie: My craigslist post was deleted and it was stupid, but not fake! These morons flag at will. Grow Mech: fast on the draw i guess. Ammonia Pie: Quickdraw McShit.
by Cactrot June 29, 2009
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