a person dat shoots wit nice aim. a sharp shooter
ma nigga iz lyk a marksman in ball
by m brown November 4, 2007
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1.some one who is an easy target for disses. basically a loser.
that wigger who acts like eminem is such a marksman
by little_miss September 29, 2006
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more pro than septher in all aspects. also usually have large breasts (males and females alike).
a marksman is so much better than septher
by Hybe March 24, 2008
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Not much is clear about the Marksman. They apparently use 'crossbows' which are a slow, annoying weapon that block your face when you hold them. Lol@that. Their 4th job skills aren't very intriguing, which is most likely why I always wonder what exactly a Marksman is when I see one walking around HHG1. Sometimes I wonder just -why- they're walking around HHG1, but then it hit me- they're just as nooby as the level 8 magicians. FatalEyes is a good example of this breed. (Marksmanicus Noobicus)

wats a marksman? i hav no idea.
by Septher March 11, 2008
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the act of creating a killzone of jizz, with one shot above the left eye, one between the eyes, and one directly into the right eye all in one orgasm
Dude, your sister came over and when I jizzed, i completed a perfect marksman shot.
by mattdamon2334 March 26, 2009
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Used in xxxtentacion’s song “Skin” there is no exact meaning but a marksman is someone who is very skilled at hitting a target, and as most people will know X got his heartbroken bad. To give a solid answer to what a heart marksman is it is Someone who is skilled at getting there heartbroken🤷🏾 ♂️
I am a heart marksman-xxxtentacion
by Heart Marksman November 27, 2018
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A casual toilet game: when you and a friend each stand at a urinal and see who can get in the urinal from the furthest distance away.
Jacob is the undisputed champion of Elite Marksman. His urinary skills are uncanny
by Jerktart October 25, 2011
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