A large, mobile suit of tank-like armor. A pilot is inside of the Mech, or Mecha in some cases. Heavily armed, with weapons such as blaster, photon cannons, LRM's, SRM's, and Railguns. Many a game has been made off of the theory of a Mech, and the military is no doubt working on a prototype Mech as I type this.
by DJ Chronos November 17, 2003
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"Yo homie lets blazE!"
"Fool you know I dont smoke mech. I'm on a chronic diet!"
by komb1 February 12, 2008
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A Large often bipedal war machine that originated from the French book "War of the Worlds" With artistic renditions of a Tripod with three legas and a abdomen, however mechs only became popular in the 1980's with the release of the battletech series from FASA and started a whole new revolution in futuristic fictional warfare.

Ever since then, spin offs like the Computer Simulation games mechwarrior was released allowing players to enter a virtual cockpit on a battlefield, and even extended interest in japanese anime artists. Mechs are often depicted as large and usually destructive machines that can take punishment and give massive punishment.

Japanese engineers decided to try and make a mech, and sarted on it's work in the early 2000's and it was finished. However this mech in general or simply known as "Land Walker" instead of moving with limbs that lift and step, the legs slide on the ground with wheels underneath the feet of the walker. This Land walker was made by Sakakibara Kikai.

Other companies have stated that they are working on making mechs however in this time of age it is very difficult to harness the engineering to design such a mech, especially how it was envisioned in mechwarrior: Fast heavy and dangerous walkers. The main issue with creating a Mech is the limbs, the heavy weight that would incorperate the mech would make it harder for engineers to actually make it function properly, and it would need a powerful enough energy source powering it's move.

Many have attempted to make a Properly functional mech but there always becomes issues that takes geniuses to accomplish, but even then many picture a battlemech to be nothing more that a huge walking target. If a mech is to stand tall, and take punishment it needs great armor, but great armor like the M1a2 Main battle tank is extremely heavy for the Mech's Hydraulic actuators and servos.

Design is key in making a mech, and anyone could be the first one to make a fully successful mechanized vehicle, even though it may take years to come there will be a time when someone does it.

Words related to a mech:
The mech is considered a bipedal war machine with enourmous weight and deadly firepower that can dominate the battlefield.

Engineer1: Hey, did you see those anime mechs?
Engineer2: Yeah, they are damn ugly, and they look too
incosistant and reliable.
Engineer3: Yeah and what is with those Eye balls? Do they actually do something?
by Anti-bser-missile June 9, 2008
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A name for a STEM kid who learned quantum physics at the age of 12, is fluent at 54 coding languages, and probably wants to go to MIT. He grows up to be your typical dilf tech bro. Likely lives in Silicon Valley
I am struggling with APCS. I need Mech to help me!
by EdwardColinFanNOJACOB May 22, 2022
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King of tucking penis and a person who tells all “the truths”.
Mech is a penis tucker, and that’s all the truth he can handle.
by TMM27 November 30, 2019
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A person’s name, Mech is a very unique as well is the rarest name for a person and is also one of the most interesting person with a great personality. If you know anyone name “Mech” just know you’re very lucky cuz that is a one in a life time after all Mech is a very rare person. Mech is the chill admiring funniest cutest coolest smartest sweetest kindest most loyal and honest person with W rizz. So next time if you’re trying to find an amazing friend just go find yourself a Mech (if you’re lucky)
Person A: aw man I really want a cool loyal honest friend that I can trust!

Person B: just go find yourself a Mech, you won’t regret it.
by Gangstermm July 26, 2023
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A bootyful Puerto Rican who can’t type for shit
Meche is always making typos
Meche got a fat ass
by SatanBae March 5, 2018
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