Kenosha is a medium sized (though small by American standards) city in south eastern Wisconsin, in the cozy little corner of Lake Michigan and Illinois. It is often frequented by Illinoisans (or as they are sometimes called "Illannoyans" ) and is known for it's occasionally visitable beaches and plethora of bars. There is also a bit of a punk scene in the city.
"Hi! I'm from Kenosha!"
"Oh, that's too bad."
"Well, at least I'm not from Racine!
by Killerwardrobes August 31, 2011
4th largest (to be the 3rd largest) city in Wisconsin. In Kenosha, you will find a bar on every corner. You will find asshole drivers (Some of them from Illinois) who WILL drive and WILL push their way through wheather you like it or not. What's there to do in Kenosha? Drink beer at one of the corner bars. Outlet Shopping (Like outlet malls and stuff, go to Kenosha) Other recreation includes shoplifting from ShopKo and other department stores, fighting, and smoking weed. Thats really about it. The downtown area as well as much of the residentual areas looks trashy and rundown. The police in Kenosha often use excessive force. Examples of this include beating people with musical instruments and pepper spray at a punk rock event and shooting an un armed man who they thought was armed. So watch what you do if you drive through this shithole. People who live in Kenosha often nickname it "Kenowhere" or "K-Town" People in Milwaukee think people from Kenosha are red necks when in reality they're just a bunch of drunks and jackasses.
Hi I'm from Kenosha!

Wow. You must be a hick!
by 1069 October 15, 2005
A place where the vast majority of people are professional box movers and all they have to look forward to is their next gram or 12 pack of miller lite when they get home.
Kenosha person 1: God I fucking hate this town
Kenosha person 2: Shih I know man. wanna smoke?
by Frogmar November 4, 2020
A crappy rundown town in the lower reigon of Wisconsin beside Lake Michigan. Where there's a bar on every corner and a church for every bar. So on Saturday you cn get drunk and fuck the whore and on Sunday you can repent.
Man from Kenosha: Forgive me father for I have sined.

Pastor from Kenosha: How so my son?

Man from Kenosha: I did Sister Mary behind the bar two blocks down last night.

Pastor from Kenosha: It is alright son. For I did your wife back there last week.
by Rulac February 18, 2011
Nickname for Kyle Rittenhouse who killed two people in Kenosha, WI during a protest against police brutality
The Kenosha vigilante used an AR15 to gun down two unarmed protesters but got away with it by claiming it was self defense.
by Just_sayin' December 12, 2021
Having to beat your meat with your off hand because you're a filthy commie and got your bicep blown off by an American hero.
That Grosskreutz commie will have to permanently resort to giving himself The Kenosha Stranger because of 5.56 at muzzle distance.
by Kompress0r September 20, 2020
A male who lowers their drawers and proceeds to rotate his hips in order to project & swing his member in a motion that resembles that of a ferris wheel or helicopter. This is often done from an open window on public transportation or a trolley.
Look! That guy just went by in the trolley & Kenosha crotchcoptered us all!
by Wifan85 December 28, 2016