verb. to rave relentlessly with strangers and glow sticks until the cops come.

normally done in a hotel room but is not restricted to them.
Yo, lets get some glow sticks so we can 1930 at the DECA conference.
by RM1930 Wilmington March 9, 2009
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1. Saggy, pointy breasts.
2. Hefty man boobs.
I'm a football fuckin' hooligan! Me mum's got 1930s, me dad's got 'em, and when I stopped playin' football some little 1930s sprouted where me pecs used to be.

I was about to fool around with a really hot French exchange student, but when she took off her wonder bra, I was shocked to learn she had 1930s tits. Horrified, I picked up my pants and left.
by Tex Tile August 23, 2007
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the time period in which the "great depression" happened. this is cool because you can say "call me the 1930's because i have great depression" or "call me the 1940's because the great depression is gone" or something like that IDK LMAO
"call me 2020 because the great depression is coming back." (had to put 1930's <<< here so i could submit this.)
by damnboihethic69 November 30, 2020
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Its on huh
anything sincere, genuine for your friend in Gelsenkirchen?
something to keep her warm
by El Sa El May 20, 2019
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