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a beautiful female, usually brunette very short and cute, dont take too long to text her cause once you get her mad there's no going back. unless you give her something. she's usually sweet to people that are nice to her, her temper varies depending on her day, sometimes stresses alot, CAUTION. WHEN ON HER PERIOD SHE WILL DESTROY YOU IF YOU PISS HER OFF. very trustworthy, if she says she love you, she means it. will never leave your side as long as you love her for her. call her beautiful every chance you get to, it may not seem like it but she'll be a ball of sunshine in the inside. loves singing in her spare time, if you have trinity as a conpanion dont ever lose her, you'll regret it, trust me.
"oh look its trinity, i neeeeed her number!!!!"
by trin tran October 18, 2015
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Trinity is a gorgeous girl who is very kind and tends to be extremely nice! A Trinity is a great friend to have! You are an extremely lucky person if you have a Trinity for a friend don't mess up and keep her as a friend for ever!
Trinity is a great best friend!
Don't lose a Trinity!
by And.g May 23, 2015
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Trinity is an all around girl who loves people a lot more then they love her. She is really pretty. Has dirty brown hair and green/hazel eyes. She is athletic and smart. she has a very kind-heart. A very good girlfriend. she will care about you even if she hates you. She is loved by most. Super popular. She is always thinking about something. Usually a good singer. She aspires to be tough. Will do anything to protect her friends if they are getting called names. she gets heartbroken easily. when it comes to love she is sensitive. This is because, she has probably been hurt and has been sad. She has trust issues. She doesn't trust herself either. She wants to make it in life and make a difference in people. She is unique and very special. A one of a kind.
"Trinity is the best thing that has happened to me, and I left her hurt."
"Look its Trinity, I love her."
by gothgirlclique August 02, 2018
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Trinity is a gorgeous girl who loves hard and is very intelligent she dresses very nice and is very independent and is the perfect girlfriend that ever guy wants. once you talk to her you will love her. she has some anger issues but she's a girl you wouldn't want to pass up. once you get her, you should keep her.
Trinity is fine bro! & her but is huge bro! I wanna tap that
by Callie Tant August 11, 2015
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Trinity is smart, beautiful, and funny. She can also be a real bitch. She often has brown hair and blue eyes. Shes very moody and controlling. But shes also a wonderful friend. She loves to help others. She won't ever let anyone down. She also has many guys falling for her. She's also very athletic.
"Oh my god, she's so gorgeous. Must be a Trinity."
by bruhbruhpotato August 08, 2015
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The most beautiful little girl ever. When she smiled she lit up a room so bright that it put the rays of sun to shame. She was my baby girl, My princess, my daught. Mommy will love you forever baby girl.
Trinity passed away November 29, 2016.
by Minimommy December 19, 2016
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Trinity. She is a very nice girl, usually. But can appear to be a bitch. Doesn't like many people, but the ones she does are very lucky to have her. She makes a perfect girlfriend. She's thicc, gorgeous, funny, n has some anger issues, but once you get to know her she's great to have around!
Trinity! Omg I need her number she's so fine
by Whatsupfuckers July 30, 2018
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