An expression of nonchalance and impassiveness, commonly used in situations that require less-than-sufficient answers. May be used to express a variety of emotional states, the essences of which are indicated by the tone of the speaker.

Origin: San Diego, CA, circa 2003.
After thinking of all the day's events and realizing that it's an immense task in itself to summarize everything: one simply sighs to his or her companions, "mer..."
by Christine January 30, 2005
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word for any situation, whether its awkward or not. Mer is mostly used when you have nothing else to say. It does not help fix awkward situations, but can sometimes make them worse or more awkward, but if used correctly can be an icebreaker/ good transition to new conversation. Can be known as a lifesavor in certain situations, or used to express complete disappointment.
"want to hang out tonight?" "Sorry, I already have plans." "Boo, you whore." "MER.
by severussnape7 November 28, 2010
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A phrase used by a stuffed animal seal named Dave.
Amy: Hi Dave.
Dave: mer.
by Mother Dave December 13, 2007
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When you are really bored and cant be bothered to answer somebody properply
"mer mer mer mer mer"
by payt January 9, 2004
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1.(noun) Originally, a straight gamer
2.(noun) A gamer in general
3.(noun) A cool person
4.(verb) To play a game
5.(adjective) Epic, cool, awesome, dope
1. My friend is not a gaymer, they are a mer
2. Strider is a mer, he plays Overwatch
3. Diana is cool, she is such a mer
4. I can mer in 10 minutes, I'll turn on my PC
5. Your new controller is mer
by epic mer March 6, 2021
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a universal term that can be used to describe any type of emotion depending on the type of tone used. most commonly associated with the word "fuck"
"ah merrrr...."
"ah mer mer mer merrrrrrrrr!"
by MER-MAN September 1, 2008
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a mateing call of a mer monster
by xX__MrKid666__Xx January 14, 2010
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