the most disgusting scat filth porn on the internet
I dont understand why some guys are into Pune, it's like girls shitting... that's disgusting!!!
by vital0gy March 7, 2017
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The proper way of spelling pune.

Pune means a woman's genetalia. Stems from the word "pudenda", which is actually in the dictionary.
Bob - "Dude I totally got some awesome pune last night".

Bill - "Nice man congrats! "
by ThePieMonster December 8, 2014
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Synonym NOT of poon

a sopping wet vaja-j.
joe likes pune for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
by Joseph Geary May 19, 2007
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A term derived from the word pwned.

This term can be used when you've pwned someone with a pun, hence PUNing the person.
-What are you doing for christmas?"
-I'm actually helping a friend of mine moving"
-Oh, happy haul-idays!"
by Spökmacka December 28, 2011
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a place in inda
i am the king of pune!
i came from pune!
i love pune!
by BuG300K June 3, 2004
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When you buy a box of Tampons soak them in water and drive around throwing them at random cars windshields and they stick.
We just PUNED the hell out of that car
by Wesley February 6, 2005
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Pune, meaning; small amount of something/anything.
Usually used by Moorabin thugs located in south east of Melbourne, Australia.
-Man look how much they gave us in the g
-Man thats pune amount!!!
by Mennan Yelkken September 18, 2007
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