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the most disgusting scat filth porn on the internet
I dont understand why some guys are into Pune, it's like girls shitting... that's disgusting!!!
by vital0gy March 06, 2017
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The proper way of spelling pune.

Pune means a woman's genetalia. Stems from the word "pudenda", which is actually in the dictionary.
Bob - "Dude I totally got some awesome pune last night".

Bill - "Nice man congrats! "
by ThePieMonster December 08, 2014
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Pune, meaning; small amount of something/anything.
Usually used by Moorabin thugs located in south east of Melbourne, Australia.
-Man look how much they gave us in the g
-Man thats pune amount!!!
by Mennan Yelkken September 17, 2007
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The way an idiot spells poon, often due to a general lack of ability to spell, or more likely not having a clue in matters sexual.

Can often help you spot someone that is either lying about getting some, or just lying about knowing 'adult stuff'
Geth "I got me some sweet pune last night!'

Bob "Wow, get in, though I'm guessing it wasn't your spelling that attracted her?"

Boy 1 "Mate, I was riding the wife like a champ last night!"

Boy 2 "OMG like me to! you shoulda seen the totally rad pune I was getting"

Boy 3 "Sure you did... How old are you, like 12?"
by jeddows June 08, 2010
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