A very wet vagina. Occurs naturally when very sexually aroused or when having naughty daydreams.
When she saw my manhood pushing against the zipper of my pants her impure thoughts caused her pussy to become sopping wet.
by slicksal November 2, 2006
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Sopping wet fanny is an insult to be bestowed upon an Alderley Edge homie, acting in a particularly girly or stupidic way
"Shoop, you sopping wet fanny"
Adamantly, in reply to a stupid question, or an act of total stupidity, basically representing a 'no' or 'shoop': "I'll smoke your sopping wet fanny"
by BrynD September 26, 2006
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She had a sopping wet pink umbrella from being soo horny and wanting me sooo bad.
by m-dubya May 24, 2005
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When you get a burger that is so fucking greasy that the only way you can describe it is sopping wet.
Mother fucker, this burger is so mother fucking greasy, they fucking gave me the sopping wet burger.
by NCBison March 17, 2023
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