A usually republican, chubby and aggressive man. Usual tendencies are to spaz out for no reason, get really triggered at times, and to grunt and make weird faces at times. Some pubis hobbies include baseball, hunting, and call of duty.
Wow, James is such a pubis at times
by yunggook December 22, 2016
A pubis is when a male has longer pubic hair then the length of his dick
Person 1 ; My penis may be small but I pee a lot.

Person 2 ; Shut up, you have a pubis!
by The star player January 15, 2016
a) A large hairy, soggy lump usually found in drainage pipes or at the bottom of paper bags.

b) The best replacement word ever dreamed up. Can be used to replace most words in phrases, movie titles, and/or book titles to add comedic effect.
a) "Dude, this pubis clogged the shower."

b) Little Mosque on the Pubis
by Neriro June 24, 2011
pube-a singular pubic hair
pubes-an individual's bush of pubic hair.
PUBIES-used when talking about a large group of people's pubic hairs.
Damn those people shaved their pubies into hearts? WTF!!??
by Mirra October 13, 2007
Conan has red pubis.
by sukebe November 19, 2006
Term used to label a teenager during the prime phases of puberty.
Has that pubie been annoying you again?
by buchdaddy February 11, 2007
Dog made of dickhair. Owned by the McGraw family. Loves to frolick in open pathces of dickhair.
Pubie trotted through the tall dickhair fields and barked proudly.
by J Wags April 30, 2008