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Stuff that grows on people's balls, heads, arms, legs, and stuff that grows on cats, dogs, your anus, and so on.
There sure is alot of hair on my balls!
by ERIC October 18, 2003
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A separate creature that happens to live on your head, hard to tame. Ferociously attacking it with scissors, dye or hairproducts may euthanize said beast for a short while but beware of angering it.
Lizzie tried hot-ironing her hair to submission but oh woes, it was raining and the beast came out on top in the end anyway.
by nofu May 09, 2010
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the one place even the filthiest pornstars/hookers won't let you cum on
Ned: where do you want it?
Maude: anywhere but in my hair.
by Stupid Flanders December 02, 2005
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A growing substance found mostly on the head. Hair is largely amino acid based and can come in a veriety of colours e.g. brown, ginger, black or blonde.
by Jim Hodgson April 28, 2003
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One of the oddest things in the universe.

Hair determines your personality. If your hair is brown, you are normal. If your hair is blonde, you are an idiot. If your hair is orange / red, you are an alien and deserve to die.


Also, some people (Usually females) believe it is necessary to spend literally hours on their hair.

Hair grows everywhere on the human body except the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, eyelids, and lips.
Hair is basically dead skin. Though it should look nice, there is no point in spending half your day fixing it when it will just fall apart when you go to bed.

Hair color is just a color. It does not determine how smart you are.
by The 60th of Smith Street November 01, 2008
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stuff always in the way on your head and other not so polite places.
She has a head full of hair
by hair queens011 May 15, 2003
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