freak out; get angry about something; flip out; get so irritated that you start yelling
If anyone messes with me, I might spaz out on them.
by twiggles December 31, 2008
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verb: to spaz out

this basically means to either:
a) have a spasm/twitch type thing
or b) get extremely angry and go a bit mental.
a) will you stop spazzing out? it's only a spider...

b) we pissed off our chemistry teacher so much today she just spazzed out!
by parlez February 17, 2005
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the female equivilant to "rock out with your cock out".

The act of being a whorish, sexual deviant.
Girl #1 to Girl #2: How come you aren't bringing a date to the wedding?

Girl #2: And miss the chance to spaz out with my vag out Meghan?!?! No thanks!
by therealfunbobby July 15, 2009
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Panic experienced when facing possible doom.
I had a spaz freak-out when I couldn't find my keys and I had to leave for work.
by keepittogerther3 August 28, 2011
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The time of day where a full on speng tard freaks out and starts violently shaking and dribbling whilst licking a window with passion
Quick help him he’s having an intense spaz freak out
by Dyltard November 13, 2018
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