Prancing around like a fool, basically skipping, but moving your hands around frantically, with high knees. Ideal for a drunken night out.. Also, to go frolicking in a field, skipping around, also, can link arms with someone and frolick together.
by Hi I'm me November 3, 2007
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to lick a fro, it is welcome but not mandatory or healthy
come frolick with me in Italy!!!
by sghadfg January 8, 2011
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A special dance/movement to be made at any and all occasions and locations. Features kickng the knees up high, tucking the elbows into the sides and waving the hands frantically, some angleing of the feet is also advised. Useually done on the spot, but variations can be made, although these arnt appeceated by many hardcore frolickers. The origins of the regulation frolick are from a member of the Hemel Hemptead Explorers (scouts, for older teens)
Person 1: Im gonna go frolick on that peat-bog!
person 2: wow, we need to add that to the list of places we have frolicked!
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1. To play outside amongst the trees and the groundhogs that live in Gaby's backyard.
2. Usually accompanied by the peach basket.
Session Start (Sun May 30 17:33:30 2004)
jessie: go play in the garden
jessie: frolick
Satch22: frolick eh....
Satch22: i dont know
jessie: yes
Satch22: my parents will probably stare at me
jessie: HAHAH
jessie: prolly
by Me June 10, 2004
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What lesbians do. carpetmuncherdykelezziecunnilingus
Breanna is at the park frolicking with her girlfriend.
by MeAlsoAgain January 16, 2010
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one who is freaking out, and doing multi ballerina jumps, while kicking their feet out behind them going, 'moan'.
by X February 2, 2003
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two or more girls performing oral sex on two or more guys in an alternating fashion. Usually the guys sit side by side, or at least within the same room.
Mike and I were both on the couch enjoying our blow job's and just when we started to doze off they turned out to be frolicker's and decided to switch it up.
by IloveGIRLSwhoFROLICK July 11, 2008
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