The sound you make when you spit hairs out of your mouth.
I forgot to shave my down stairs this morning so she was pth'ing the rest of the day.
by E-bag April 20, 2009
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Obviously a shorter word meaning pathetic.
Rachel couldn't even finish her kids meal. Dude, That's pth!"
by Told Ya!!!!!! December 19, 2009
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Means pathetic or the sound you make when you hear osmething pathetic.
1. "pth, that's so stupid"
2. "pth, you're the one who's being such a retard"
by Keroro Gowadera July 23, 2008
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Prime Tanning Hours. The hours between 10 am - 2 pm where you are either likely to get a scorching burn or an amazing tan.
Maud: "Britney, I'm so pale."
Britney: "Maud, you obvi haven't been working hard enough to get to the pool at PTH this summer."
by Clare Johnson June 06, 2007
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To pound a vagina with furvor. Usually stated by a male who is sex starved, and eager to pound a hole. Can be also be used as a reference to a desire for hatefuck.
Q: Hey, are you going out on a first date with that girl tonight?
A: Yeah, I hope she's ready, because i'm going to get her drunk and PTH - Punish that/the hole
by chefada October 01, 2010
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