An abbreviation for "obviously." Obvi is now a part of the text-generation lexicon.
"Dude, you showin' out tonight."
by JCALLA April 15, 2008
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something sorority girls say to sound cool, but in all actuality it makes them sound like pretentious high school sophomores
sorority girl - "im always willing to try something new"
guy - "in that case, stop by my house with a box of condoms"
sorority girl - "ok"
guy - "and bring a bottle of lube just in case"
sorority girl - "obvi"
by wawa kid November 4, 2005
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smol gamer that listens to lil peep alot
1: hey is that obvi?
2: yea he's listening to peeper rn
1: what the heck

obvi: niggers
by officialres December 12, 2018
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Derived from the word "obvious" or "obviously" but it isnt used the same way. You would use it the way some people would say "duh" but it is much better than duh.
"you have brown hair"

"We should go to the mall later"
by Chic_Pink_Cheek April 29, 2005
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that dog just got hit by a car. other person:that is so obvi
by jodi thom June 19, 2009
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Obvi is a concise derivative of the word obvious or obviously. It is pronounced "ov-ee" - easier said than read - and is popular among Brits. It came over to America and was pretty much spread 'round the US like an STD. Obvi was invented shortly after the English sent people to the US for colonization. The English were becoming more and more infuriated with these new colonists, and lost their patience with these rebels. A poor American was caught saying "obvi" on accident, and the Brits began to say it mockingly. Unfortunately, the mockers saw their foolish mockery become a worldwide trend. And a darn good one at that.
Stupid: "Yo mama teeth so yellow, she something something something about butter!"
You: "Obvi"

Other: "That movie was dumber than dumb."
You: "That's obvi."
by Ash Money February 21, 2006
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some may see it as a shortened form of the longer word obviously but it is indeed much more than that. some could call it the "senior word" and if used by a non-senior then the trouble will begin. Others still could call it just plain annoying, however it is much more than that, it is fabulous. so take obvi, and spread it about the world.
wow he looks kinda like a power ranger. OBVI thats why we call him PR!
by whitney December 12, 2004
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