No; Probably not.

Contrary to popular belief, Proll actually means NO, it does not mean probably.
Rich: Yo you goin to the game tonight?
Cory: Proll
by Lingo Larry January 19, 2011
The act of rolling joints before you smoke them. An amalgamation of "Pre" and "Rolling". The Marijuana equivalent of "Prinking".
1) "Oh man I suck at rolling joints when I'm high, so I gotta proll every frickin time!"

2)"Sarah is the best to smoke with because she always prolls, and she brings water and snacks."
by proller July 4, 2015
A prolle is a virus that makes people go crazy. It can be transmitted sexualy or just by touching someone with it. It can only be cured by the Red circle. This is a serious disease and if you have any problem with it call 1REDCIRCLE.
Gabbi: Where is Jake
Me: You didn't hear he went to The Red Circle HQ to get the Prolle's out of him
Gabbi: God bless his soul
by NotAnonymous4 November 28, 2018
To relieve ones scrotum of itch by way of pinching and rolling.

Nobody ever really 'scratches their balls', it is an outdated and inaccurate phrase. All dudes know that the real technique to relieve that discomfort is to pinch and roll. However, 'pinch and roll' can't be used conveniently in a conversation, so a better term was required. Such was the background for the creation of prolling.

Prolling is to be used primarily (although not limited to) as a verb. It also may be used as a noun (more on that below in the example sentences).

This was long overdue in masculinity. If you ever really went hard and all-out clawed your sack like you would a mosquito bite, you're sick in the head. Be nice to your gonads, give 'em that first class, gentle proll treatment.

soon to be in the dictionary
"Hold up bro, I'm prolling."

"I just prolled so hard yo."
"I just had the best proll sesh." (used as a noun)

"What are you doing! Why is your hand in your pants?!"
"Relax, I'm just prolling, I needed to."
by prollgod December 1, 2016
Trolling somebody, instead it's pro. PROLLING.
Prolling -

by PROLLING October 30, 2011
Is it a good time to buy stocks?

Prolls. This is one of the best bottoming periods yet.
by Luke2k July 20, 2008
meaning pussy. manly used when referring to getting some.
damn son she wouldn't even throw up that proll after i took that bitches ass out
by Bryannn June 8, 2007