A woman that is easy to fall in love with. Someone that is compleatly amazing!
Man, I just fell in love with Gabbi and I don't know if I will ever recover...
by biosphere9 May 24, 2008
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An amazing friend, always there for you. Usually with blonde or brown hair and brown eyes. Gabbi's are great at befriending people and will be there for you all your life. They often love the performing arts and excel in music and dance. Gabbi' are smart and witty, and are always up for a great laugh! If you have a Gabbi as a friend, consider yourself lucky.

Usually stems from Gabriella. Other spellings: Gabby, Gabi. Alternatives: Ella, Bella, Bree, Brie, Briella, Gab.
Gabbi: Are you alright?
Person x: Yeah I'm great. Hey, are you a Gabbi ?
Gabbi: Yeah! How did you know?
Person x: You're just so beautiful and friendly!
by waterbottle5000 July 24, 2017
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Someone who never shuts up. But you love her anyways(:
Ohh, her name is probably Gabbi.
by best big sister August 15, 2010
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Gabbi is the name reserved only for the genuine and best women on earth. They are REALLY cute, beautiful, very smart, driven, talented, fashionable, loveable, popular, sexy, have a wonderful and playful personality, and has this cute awkwardness about them. They are fun-loving, adventurous, silly, and always suspicious of everyone. They can pretend to be your friend to not make you feel bad. It's hard to get close to a Gabbi at first because they choose their friends wisely and are very untrustworthy to everyone around them. This is a good thing though because if they talk to you, they really mean everything they say and are very straightfoward about their feelings towards someone.

Gabbi's severely underestimate everything about themselves, so you need to constantly prove to them that they are much better than they think. They also can dance act and sing and they will do anything they set their mind to, even driving xD

It's impossible to be actually mad at a Gabbi, no matter what they do, because they are so loveable :)

Gabbi's can be confusing sometimes and they can make people go crazy sometimes, but in the end, it turns out everything they do that makes you go crazy just makes you like them just that much more. They're much more than meets the eye.
Guy1: you know Gabbi?
Guy2: yeah that girl you will never have a chance with?
Guy1: yeah im dating her
Guy2: bastard
by triplethreat614 June 17, 2011
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A girl who is very beautiful and loves her friends and family. She is very easy to fall in love with. Chances are, she is most likely to fall in love with a Devin type of person. She tries to hold on to and love everyone and everything that she has, but has a hard time showing it.
Don't leave her hanging like that, Gabbi loves you.
by hsjsksgshskzjzhhz June 14, 2013
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A gabbi is a Tom-boy but this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her girly moment either. She’s both abusive and flirtatious at times and although she has a low self atsteem and can’t shut up about how ugly she is she’s actually extremely good looking.
“I hate when gabbi say she’s ugly all the time like YOUR NOT FUCKING UGLY
by Lamborghini.18 March 21, 2019
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Gabbi is a gorgeous , popular , sexy girl, she can be shy at times but crazy at other times, is loyal when it comes to boyfriends , would never cheat. Chooses her friends wisely , gabbis can pretend to like someone so they don’t hurt their feelings. Mood changes a lot one minute Gabbi’s can be the happiest person ever but then the next minute can be the saddest person ever. She can be very flirty and will get any guy she wants , funny has a good sense of humour can joke around with Gabbi’s a lot. Beautiful, lots of girls are jealous , her own person , confident doesn’t care what people think. Really good friend , if you need her she will be there no matter what it takes. She’s a strong beautiful nicest girl you’ll meet.
man i’ve fallen in love with gabbi and i don’t think ill ever be able to leave
by jane jan xoxo August 5, 2018
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