An exclamation used when something is particularly noteworthy or impressive. Coined by Warren Wilson.
Damn son, you got three head shots in a row.
by angelo December 11, 2003
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Its just an another word for ''Wow'' or ''Impressive''
Damn Son! That's a cool picture.
by Killer@ShadyXV November 25, 2016
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when u are playing a game with someone and they are so good, u would say "DAMNNNNN SON" and maybe your 6 year old son would walk into your room saying "yes, daddy?" and then you will feel guilty for no reason and then in your head u are shooketh to the core and u are just sitting there like : "u wot m8" and then its game over. literally. oof
*playing random duos in fortnite* DAMN SON UR GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD *your 6 year old son walks in* "daddy did you call me?"
by BruhItzBruh July 26, 2018
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A common sample used in EDM/trap music and also an expression used when your homeboy shows you the brand new trap mix he just found and it's awesome.
Damn son where'd you find this?
by Traphead May 24, 2013
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A surprise that is very coo
Damn son that was a good kick
by Chalente May 2, 2021
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it pretty much just means wow or omg
Daniel: I just got an A on my report card!
by ThatOneWeirdPerson March 28, 2016
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The vocal sound effect used on trap songs that nobody will never find out who recorded it.
*Listens trap music*
-Oh, man there is the drop coming!
-"Damn son where did you find this?"
*Music drops*
by hardman May 7, 2015
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