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The act in which one cosumes alchohol prior to attending an event at which alcholic beverages may or may not be served. Often popular with university or college students who can't afford to buy to many drinks at a bar or high school kids who plan to attend events such as dances.

Also shortened to 'Prinks.'
Man 1: "Are you coming to the club tonight?"

Man 2: "Yeah, but i'm prinking at John's before; i'm running low on cash."
by wmwxqf March 15, 2009
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1. The combination of the words "pre" and "drinking."

2. The physical act of consuming beverages (usually alcoholic) before arriving at a club, bar or night time entertainment.

3. Getting shit-faced before going out (colloquial).
Hey Jimmy where are you prinking tonight?
by buzz92 March 02, 2011
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Short for "pre-noon drinking" or getting drunk before noon.
Woke up early so I could start prinking before the day got too stressful.
by mebemunky November 07, 2014
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