past tense : procrasturbated; past participle : procrasturbated

delay or postpone action and masturbate instead; put off doing something and have a wank.
Roger wanted to mow the lawn this afternoon but procrasturbated a couple of times and now has a sore wrist. Hand to gland combat ruins lives...
by WelshRuffster May 10, 2016
to pleasure oneself while deferring action of another task.
replacing a responsible and necessary action with masturbation.
while conducting research online for school work, eddie quickly began to procrasturbate when a pornographic website suddenly took his attention in another direction.
by pezlikecandy June 20, 2011
Aus. v. The art of postponing work to meet with Pamela Handerson.
Whilst I was urgently required to complete a report I did not want to work on, I was also in need of dishonorable discharge. So I started to procrasturbate.
by BoredMiner April 23, 2009
The act of masturbating when you have other things to be doing.
Man I have this book report due but it's ok if I procrasturbate first, now I have to come up with some bull-shit excuse to tell my teacher.
by Shaunquavious March 19, 2010
When there is a task you must do but you decide to procrastinate and go masturbate instead.
1. I have to go buy more milk but I’m going to procrasturbate first.
2. Procrastination is like masturbation.... the only person you’re fucking is yourself.
by GarAssNigga December 6, 2017
The act of putting off something for the sake of masturbation.
Guy one: I can't go to the movie right now!
Guy two: What are you going to do? go home and PROCRASTURBATE?
by Williamjmcelroy August 14, 2009