A man/woman of many talents to the point of winding people up.
He is such a clever Pritchard he can do anything.
by wilkins19 January 15, 2010
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A Pritchard I a human being who is lost and does not understand the most basic of information. A Pritchard never acknowledges that they are lost and may tend to be clueless. A Pritchard also has a big dick and when confronted does not reciprocate oral sex
"Ay Thomas you a Pritchard" - Meaning they are a retard
by Bazlar123 February 4, 2019
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The swelling of the part of your brain that makes you do stupid, loud, and/or destructive things. Usually as a result of residing in Pritchard Hall, the largest all-male dorm west of the Mississippi.
Goddammit, I just broke (insert expensive possesion here)!.. my pritcharditis is acting up again.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh, mutha fucka!" 'What the Hell was that?' 'Probably just pritcharditis...'

Man, someone cut the brand-new big screen tv! effin' Pritcharditis...
by Buttamilk February 16, 2006
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A state of stupidity so profound as to cause all those around the individual to become enraged to the point of murder.
George bush has been diagnosed as pritcharded
by squibits October 14, 2010
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In physics, a single unit Pritchard (1UP) is a measure of either mass, acceleration, electric current, elasticity, potential energy, lack of kinetic energy, explosive potential, carbonation, sublimation, or the degree to which a given object resembles a toaster. As it is such a flexible unit of measure, it has no equivalence, and can only be compared to other quantities of Pritchard units.
The Pritchard units contained in a new toaster approach infinity, especially as it sits still or is thrown off of a cliff.
by Strohgrapher January 9, 2008
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To score a goal by means of goal hanging
Oh my gosh he's pulling a pritchard...quick mark him!
by Elliot Newton123 November 29, 2007
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Possibly the sexiest man alive. The cutest Kook member by far. His abilty to write amazing tuneage and sing in an amazingly unique way are just a few of the amazingly cool and bloody amazing quality talents he has. His BEAUTIFUL curly hair holds magical powers that makes all fall in live with him. He is a sex god.
Leanne: Luke pritchard is the most beautiful sexy man i have ever looked at, i want to touch him. Corrrr!

Tasha: Yeah that Mischa Barton didnt deserve him.
by Mrslukepritchard ;) August 16, 2009
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