really cute sweet and nice he's someone you can talk to whenever you need to and you know he will understand has really gorgeous eyes and blond curly hair he is very sporty and likes baseball and basketball with a passion and has a few siblings he is popular and someone you can trust and count on
preston is one of my best friends and I miss him.
by peek a boo April 23, 2015
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Preston is usually a guy who has dark brown hair and eyes. He is very dreamy and nerdy in a good way. He is very good and bed and has a very large dick.
Preston is so hot
by Preston.forever April 08, 2015
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generally an amazing person that loves soccer. some carachteristics are a tall, down to earth male. loves sports and loves sweden=). his fav number is usualy #7.
by italian thunda March 30, 2009
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A badass motherfucker with a temper sometimes,
who skates like hell, gets higher than a cloud and is amazingly sweet.
Just a generally awesome person to hang with.
Guy 1: Hey Preston, whats up?
Preston: Ahh not much man, gonna get FUCKED UP this weekend with my babygirl. Maybe skate some. Lol.
Guy 1: Man you are so badass.
by A hella awesome friend March 16, 2009
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Preston, also known as "Pillowcase Preston" is a term used to someone who jizzes in their pillow case

"dude, my roommate is such a Preston"

"dude that sucks"
by lakers12 January 28, 2009
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Englands newest city in the North West.

Notably, Butch Cassidy's parents lived in Preston but emigrated later on to avoid torment over their Mormon religion.

Two members of ex-band Liberty X went to college in Leyland, which is near Preston, "Wallace and Gromit" animater Nick Park, and famous cricketer Andrew Flintoff also originate from Preston.

Preston is bordered by the River Ribble and contains six parks, three different bus services, a dock, and a major railway station, as well as six museums and three popular shopping centres- The Mall, Miller Arcade, and Fishergate Centre.

The first KFC in the UK was opened in Fishergate, which is in central preston.

Preston is also home to UCLan, which is the sixth biggest university in the country. The university has over 33,000 students. There are five more universities in Preston. Royal Preston Hospital also teaches medical students, a proportion of them from Manchester.

Preston also has eight high schools, 9 radio stations, and has it's own newspaper based in Fulwood- The Lancashire Evening Post.

The city also has a considerably famous football team - P.N.E FC (Preston North End), and is also home to the National Football Museum, situated at Deepdale.

Sir Tom Finney, a famous football player who played for PNE and England is also from Preston, and has a road named after him.

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Benjamin Franklin, once owned a property on Cheapside and Friargate in the city.

Kenny Baker, the actor who played R2D2 in the Star Wars movies lives in Preston.

Preston is a modern, entertaining place to go as it contains a lot of history, and a lot of shops, as well as coffee bars, clubs, pubs and parks.
Preston is a city in the North-West of England.
by Chicck October 26, 2008
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Blonde hair, Baby Blue eyes, tall, always tan and muscular. He is sometimes quiet and shows no emotion but with the right friends around he will begin to open up.He's loving, kind and adorible. He's in love with his girlfriend and Xbox360. He could also be extremely racist due to past incidents but its ok because he is an adorible aryan Nazi. He has an enormous temper if you push him to it he'll probably rip you in half with his penis.Oh, ya... His penis is ery large, bout 8 inches at least.
I hope every girl finds their Preston.
by Sgt Dieter March 26, 2011
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