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The Spanish word for girlfriend or fiancèe. Change the last letter to an o to refer to a boyfriend or male fiancèe.
Voy a bailar con mi novia.

I am going to dance with my fiancèe.

Voy a besar mi novia.

I'm going to kiss my girlfriend.
by Ian, Poet of Pennsylvania February 05, 2007
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An ultra-sensitive girl who frequently experiences short and unpredictable mental breakdowns. She aims high in life and is willing to crush anyone who gets in her way mercilessly, even violently. She pretends to speak several languages and participates in pretentious sports such as:

Horseback riding, polo, golf, etc.

She is both mature and immature for her age, often embodying a 60 year old British aristocrat or a baby with low blood sugar, sometimes even a wannabe southern farmer. She is a great friend.
“Dude, you just got destroyed in that debate!”

“I know!!! That Novia, she didn’t hold back!”
by lil’ dizzy 123 April 09, 2020
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Livia and Noah's ship name. They are the perfect couple. No matter what happens with them, they always seem to make it through and come out better than ever. Their kids are absolute studs. Livia is the better kisser but Noah won't admit it... The freckled girl and the ginger haired boy make the perfect match.
by Not Your Average White Girl October 26, 2019
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