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The most amazing man you will ever meet. He is kind, funny, handsome, smart, caring. He values his friends and family over everything and would do just about anything for them. He can be goofy at times but he also knows when to be serious. Preston has gorgeous blue eyes, perfect lips for kissing, and the cutest dimples in his cheeks when he smiles. He also gives the best hugs and is a great cuddle buddy. When your with Preston you won’t wanna leave and if your away from him for more than one second your heart will ache for him. His big heart and outgoing personality makes him easy to fall for. If you find a Preston, don’t ever let him go..
Danggg is that a Preston? He’s such a great guy!
by PrestonsLove January 05, 2019
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The boi that is fine asf that will take your bitch,big🍆,every girl will dump their boy friend for him
via giphy
by PrEst da beast November 07, 2019
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Preston is a guy with a good personality and eyes that will light up your world. He loves girls that are not so pretty in looks but pretty in personality. His hair is usually blond or brown. His personality is out going he is not like anybody you will ever meet. He treats his girl like she is evrything.
Preston is an amazing person. He makes me feel Like im the only girl that matters in the world.
by Prestonsbabe February 11, 2015
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how to describe preston? he lights up your day when you hear his soft matter how fucked up your life his,taking to him makes you escape your real world,reality,the present,what ever you call it, you escape it with him and it makes you love him with your very last matter the between you and him,wether you just got off the phone with him or just got on the phone with him,it feels like he is with you always,like he somehow made his way into your lonely heart and slowly grew his own piece into it.he just makes you just feel alive and young,your never insecure with him,even if you have them,he breaks down your walls and somehow you find yourself fully open to him.he makes the funny jokes i mean like borderline cringe but you find yourself laughing with him so you can hear his soft laugher in return.he just makes you want to repeat some of your best memories you made together.he makes you crazy,like staying up for hours at night just to talk or laugh,counting down to till midnight together on new years and preston screaming i love you into the darkness in the middle of the night just for you,he didn’t care how dumb he looked doing it,he just cared about making you feel loved and special by screaming it out to the world. and so they say,love makes you do crazy things and loving a preston,you do crazy things all the time,but you do it all just to end the day,by hearing him say “i love you” into the phone (:
girl 1: *shows picture of preston* to other girls

girl 2: he is hot omgg

girl 3: omg his genetics do be spicy doe *grools*

girl 1: well preston is my guy :)
by yazisntbasic January 14, 2021
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An amazing guy who has the best eyes and is a great kisser ;) he doesn't fall in love often but when he does he would do anything for that person. He's a keeper and knows how to cheer people up when their down. Overall a great guy
by Bpfan144 November 21, 2013
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The sweetest, most caring guy you'll ever meet. He has the biggest heart and will love you no matter what, when he finds a girl he sticks to her no matter what and will give her all his heart. No matter what he'll always be nice to you and try to make you happy when you're sad.

He gives the best hugs and is always extremely sweet. He's so perfect words can't describe and also extremely attractive. he has brown hair but in the summer its light, and he has the cutest dimple ever.
girl1 is that preston?!
girl2 yea! isn't he soo hot ?!

girl1 yea !!! too bad hes taken :( I wish he was mine
by Ilovepreston November 13, 2013
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