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1. The expression "i love you" is the equivalent for both spanish "te amo" and "te quiero". "Te Quiero" can be said to everybody, BUT! "te amo" is used for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

2. You can say "te amo" to a friend, if both of you know that there's no sexual/physical attraction, in that case is the same as "te quiero".
1. boyfriend: te amo, Maria.
girlfriend: yo tambien te amo, mi amor.

2. Maria: let's go party so that you can forget that idiot!
Jessica: hahah, oh, you are so crazy!!te amo!!(or "te quiero")
by Ailin_argentina March 05, 2007
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Spanish for "I love you" If you are saying a whole sentences in Spanish and use it, it sounds very cheesy and soap opera like. Advice: Use "te quiero" instead...
-te amo, mi amor... - uh..get a life!
by arr mate September 12, 2005
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spanish for "I love you"...often used when seducing. When foreign language is used, it makes it seem more sensual and thoughtful
by Sputnik November 12, 2003
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Teamo = Team Emo

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Te amo is Spanish for I love you, however, Spanish has two phrases that translate to the English I love you. The two are not identical and cannot be used interchangeably. The difference is that te amo is said only to close loved ones, and means a deep or profound love (amo - the verb amar means love). Te quiero is used more casually, and actually translates as I want you (quiero - the verb querer means want). Having two phrases for I love you is not only useful, but kinda cool, as saying I want you is definitely sexier than saying I love you.
I don't speak spanish so I can't give an example sentence using te amo.
by LostInAField May 03, 2018
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