When you end your relationship with your current girlfriend to go after another girl who gives you the thrill of the chase. In reference to call of duty: you have the "trophy", but being at such a high level, you want more and you end up prestiging and starting at level 1 again.
"Yo man what happened to _____?"
"Who? ooooooo that jawn"
"I got really bored with it, so i decided what the hell it's time for me to Prestige."
by illypack April 12, 2010
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When you reach level 55 (at life) you got to the main menu, press on the barracks button, a new screen will pop up. There will be a group of buttons, you press the one on the bottom that reads "PRESTIGE". You will get another screen which gives you only 2 options, "OK" or "CANCEL", also on this page is a paragraph leading you away from pressing the "OK" button, if you do perhaps press "OK" you will get another screen, this screen gives you the same 2 options, it also leads you away from pressing "OK" again, this time scaring you with sentences like "You cannot go back!" If you still decide to proceed, and press "OK", you will then hear a gun shot. You think nothing has happened. You return to the menu and see that something isn't the same as it was before. Your level 55 is now 1!!!! You are horrified at first thinking you have wasted days of playing time (remembering this is still life we are talking about) for absolutely nothing. You want to kill yourself. But wait, you realize something else has changed, you have a snazzy new symbol beside your name. Your prestige has increased! Now everyone will be jealous and worship you forever.
Dude 1:Dude I just got my prestige up!

Dude 2:Why? Is there any point at all in doing that?

Dude 2:That's what you WOULD say, people like you getting so jealous of me!
by Maddy Pee March 09, 2009
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A Call Of Duty Gamer, having reached level 55 or 65, decides to trade in their self respect for a picture of a dog, or little ruby or something.
Dude 1: "Hey, can't wait to get my prestige badge"

Dude 2: "Why ?"

Dude 1: "Cos it means I'm awesome"

Dude 2: "But you're a cunt, and shit at playing COD4"

Dude 1: "Oh Yeah"
by DaMaxta March 01, 2009
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Masturbation that often occurs while playing FPS video games at night, seeing/being in the presence of potatoes, or hearing the name Perry
Gary: *Playing MW3* "I prestige every night!"
Mark: "DUDE! I DO TOO! Just yesterday, I saw a picture of a potato and named it Perry."
by Lord Nicoldemort November 10, 2012
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When you are fed up with your current girlfriend/wife and choose to get a better far more attractive one.
Soon to be ex-girlfriend: But why do you want to leave me I thought we were perfect for each other.
You: Because bitch a man can only stay at a level 50 relationship for so long, at which point it is time to prestige.

Ryan total prestiged with the new broad he just picked up
by Harriet the Spyy June 19, 2011
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