Tom:What do you want to watch today?

Bob: I dunno I'm feeling kinda porny today.
by bettinamae de mesa August 9, 2008
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"That slut liking her GUTTA is porny"

"Dad, can i get a porny?"
by LG-Lifes gay July 14, 2009
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Transition period out of the "teen" category where the model appears to accept her role in porn and adjust her body to be in it for the long haul.
Your career either dies as a "teen" or you become porny enough to see yourself become a "milf"

She looks super porny
by Gnarly Buttbanger January 25, 2022
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of Graeco-Roman origin, Porny means to be horny for porn, thus PORNY!
Joaquin: Man dude, I'm really Porny!

Tyler: Dude, lets mouth kiss.

(awkward silence)
by Betty Grovenstein January 21, 2005
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Your horny and want to watch porn and you talk dirty
Hey dude I'm gonna get porny with Maya
by Coco the stripper April 27, 2015
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Only while watching porn you get a boner
when mike herring is watching gay porn he always gets a porny
by rhettzi August 30, 2011
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