Maya is one hell of a person. She might seem quite at first, but once you get to know her, she is loud and funny. She loves family and friends. A Maya can be annoying at times if she's in that mood. She's really really smart, whenever she ain't lazy. You might see Maya outside, with her friends, online, or playing the game. Unlike other girls, she is different and will stand out compare to most people. Mainly because of her beauty and voice. And be careful, she has an evil side..... Maya's have a weird taste in music, a good sense in swag, and true friends. She isn't interested in every guy she sees, but when she is, she won't stop thinking of him. Can be insecure at times. In the end, she is fun-loving, laid back and a cool girl.
Guy#1: Wow, that chic really stands out compared to other people. What's her name?

Guy#2: That's Maya! She's so cool!
by Quincy@kissyalater May 3, 2013
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Where to start, Maya is literally one of the best people that you will ever meet. She is drop dead gorgeous and so hot, but will never admit it or see it in herself. She seems shy and unopinated but if you really know her you know that she is the opposite of that. She is absolutley hilarious and so much fun, she is crazy and weird in the best kinds of ways and LOVES to eat especially junk foods. She is hella loyal and will always stay by your side, but don't mess with her she will DESTROY you. She best pairs with an Eve
OMG did you see that amazing, super hot, nice, and funny chick!? Who is that?

-She's a Maya
by Glitter, Person X August 7, 2018
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Maya is a really cute girl that will make u feel like u have butterfies in ur stomach. She will always make u feel joy you when u hear her awsome voice that she has. And if u ever lose Maya u will always feel regret in the ur heart. She is the most prefect girl a boy can ever find in a women.
Jeff:hey Maya in really shy bc ur really pretty.
Maya:its okay most boys feel the same
by Elvin December 30, 2019
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The most amazing girl a guy could ask for. To spend one minute with her, is like spending a life time with an angel. If you're lucky enough to find yourself with Maya, hold onto her and never let her go. Maya is beautiful and will never let you down. She will stand by your side through the toughest times, and hold onto you when you need her the most. To be with Maya is to be with perfection. You will never find yourself happier than when you are with Maya. When you aren't with her you feel empty and like you are chocking, gasping for air. When you finally reunite, you will be able to do anything you put your mind to. When you finally caller her your fiance and then your wife, your wildest dreams will have come true. Love her and cherish her forever because she deserves the best.
I cant believe you found Maya, damn you are lucky!
by DKOP November 30, 2014
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Beautiful inside and out, funny, smart, always there for people and loved by everyone. Nothing but laughter, and complete bliss when maya is around and she knows how to make anyone smile regardless the mood or situation. Maya is easy to make friends with and definitely easy to to fall for. She is the full package
Jim: who is your favourite person?

Me: Maya.. duh :p
by a.k.a Mr. Congeniality February 17, 2015
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A maya is a person with a kind loving heart, she will always be there when you need her. Even if she seems she's mad, she's not, she loves everyone, but something that bad, she will remember. She doesn't gossip but won't tell a soul and she will obey people's opinions and thoughts never let a maya go because you will regret it
Maya will always be there.👌
by Snow pony October 10, 2014
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A super hot, amazing girl every guy wants. She is incredibly sexy and is often mistaken for a goddess. Mayas are often envied by other women because they are good at EVERYTHING. Any guy would be lucky to have a Maya. Not only because they are pleasing to the eyes, but because their personality is extraordinary. Mayas appear very happy and hide weakness well. Mayas are a friend to everyone. You will always find mayas outside, with a book, or cuddled up in bed. If you find a Maya, do not let her go because they are unforgettable!
Guy #1: Dude, I broke up with Maya yesterday.

Guy #2: What is wrong with you? You'll never find someone like her again!
by Kitty2345 March 9, 2015
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