Pornographic is a adverb to describe the graphic nature of a person, object, place or item. The adverb pornographic gets shorted to sound like slang but makes actual sense: porny.
That book is so porny anyone can write it.

I can't believe my porny fantasy gets me hard and erect.

That girl's ass looks so sexy I could feel like I can do porny things to her.
by Mr. Adrian Fairbanks November 18, 2010
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adj. used to describe boys who should do porn, or boys you would like to see in porn.
Why are skaters all so porny?
by titusaurus October 23, 2006
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A word used for when you feel horny and need to watch some pornography (porn)
Jim: Hey Bob, what did you do last night?

Bob: I felt really porny so I went on youporn and had a wank

Jim: I REALLY needed to know that..
by DAS122 July 7, 2011
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a way to describe the acting in a porn film. it's always terrible. A play on the word corny.
I was watching Backdoor Whores 4 the other day and the acting was more porny than usual.
by the sundance kid January 8, 2008
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by [RVC] January 11, 2005
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to use porn not belonging to yourself to get off
or essentially piggy backing on the porn some body else took the time and effort to find, purchase, or load

examples of porny backing include:
1. browsing old web history you didnt leave
2. your brother's stash
3. your dad's stash
4. your lesbian sister's stash
guy 1 "hey did you see that great mag i got from my dads stash!"
guy 2 "seriosly bro stop porny backing on your dad its nothing but over weight black chicks eating pie"
by santaire January 27, 2008
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The eyes of a pornie (someone who watches porn all the time).
Mike scares chicks away because he always looks at them with his pornie eyes.
by Dancy Nancy March 13, 2009
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