The correct spelling of Putin as in Vladimer Putin. This term refers to flatulence on a toilet.
Hey Fred, my longtime associate, I gotta take a Pootin.
by goferofdestruction August 5, 2020
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1. A southern slang term for passing gas
2. Farting
Nevermind, I was just pootin'.
by Terradactile July 31, 2006
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Another way to name the Ruler of Russia.
Just what did Vladimir fuckin' Pootin' have to do with getting the Tronald Dump into the White House?
by Nikolai Peterson February 8, 2017
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A pootine is the excremental routine one follows. For instance, one may use the lavatory upon arriving home from work every day, or immediately after waking up.

People can become highly distressed and irritable if their pootine is interrupted, and may begin to experience stomach cramps and/or feel bloated.
"The boss made me work overtime last night and it nearly killed me. I mean, the guy totally screwed over my pootine!"

"Now that I'm taking these evening yoga classes I'm going to have to change my pootine, the last thing I want is to have an accident while attempting the cobra pose!"
by Pancakepower June 2, 2011
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The act of having a shit a set times everyday.
Dude...that fibreous meal has played havok with my Pootine....
by gazw77 May 29, 2011
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The act of shopping, running errands, or going around town to finish oddjobs.
Me and Mom are going scooter pootin', do you need anything?
by jfatticus February 10, 2012
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