The correct spelling of Putin as in Vladimer Putin. This term refers to flatulence on a toilet.
Hey Fred, my longtime associate, I gotta take a Pootin.
by goferofdestruction August 6, 2020
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An poo tin could be a small, portable toilet that looks like a can of Russian vodka. The exterior of the tin can could feature a label with a picture of a popular Russian vodka brand, and the label could be designed to resemble a traditional Russian design.

When you open the can, you would find a compact toilet with a seat and a lid. The interior of the toilet could be lined with a disposable bag to make it easy to clean and dispose of waste. The poo tin could be designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, making it perfect for camping, outdoor events, or emergencies.
by shov6 March 29, 2023
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1. A southern slang term for passing gas
2. Farting
Nevermind, I was just pootin'.
by Terradactile July 31, 2006
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Another way to name the Ruler of Russia.
Just what did Vladimir fuckin' Pootin' have to do with getting the Tronald Dump into the White House?
by Nikolai Peterson February 8, 2017
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Acting crazy, irrationally etc.
Putin’s pootin’ .He calls jewish Ukrainian president a nazi.
by John Spookey March 4, 2022
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The act of having a shit a set times everyday.
Dude...that fibreous meal has played havok with my Pootine....
by gazw77 May 29, 2011
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The leader of Russia who thinks its a great idea to invade Ukraine. PooTin is commonly referred to as mentally deficient.
by Marblemaestro October 10, 2022
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