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A noun derived from combining the words "shit" and "stuff," used to describe an item bought by a man (stuff) for a woman that normally would be something a woman would buy (shit). Based on the widely accepted notion that men buy things with useful properties, referred to as stuff. Whereas women buy things for no reason that serve no purpose and are essentially useless in any setting, referred to as the derrogative "shit"
Man #1: I bought my girl a glass figurine of a dolphin for her birthday, she really liked it.

Man #2: Dude, isn't that like the 4th figurine you bought her?

Man #1: Yeah, so?

Man #2: You gotta stop buying her so much shuff, man. You're going to fill up your apartment and have no place to put your stuff. She buys enough shit as it is.
by Mr.Quackers5380 August 26, 2009
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To defaecate (SHIT) in a paint cup or other container and snort the gases produced, resulting in a trailer trash high.
Person 1: Hey wanna get high?

Hick: Yeah, lets go shuff in the back of my dads RV

Person 1: Get the fuck out of hear you trailer trash hick! Thats fucking gross.

Person 2: What the fuck is shuffing?

Person 1: Urban Dictionary bro....
by Teh Real G May 30, 2010
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Ex:I shuffed myself.

Ex:I drank a shuffload of beer then shuffed on a cat.

by rougher12 February 03, 2011
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derived from combining the words "shit" and "stuff" or a derivative of the phrase "shelf stuff"

obnoxious knick-knacks, bric-a-brac, or over-the-top decorative objects
There was nothing practical at the neighbor's garage sale, just a collection of ceramic cat figurines, a couple of chipped vases, and other useless shuff.
by Monica_H January 16, 2006
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A mixture of the words Sugar and puff (Sugar puff)
Describes someone who sleeps around as they have saggy fanny flaps.
I.e Pull their flaps over there head and make themselves look like a sugar puff.
She sleeps around so much she could pull her flaps over her head and make herself look like a shuff! :P
by Abby Sherbourne November 06, 2007
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(transitive verb) To inappropriately store or deposit an item or items.

The eponymous "shuff" is a systems administrator notorious for collecting old or semi-broken equipment and storing it in shared office space for extended periods of time.
Hey, stop shuffing those tapes in here! The shelf is almost full!
by hakamadare April 26, 2008
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