4 definitions by goferofdestruction

The correct spelling of Putin as in Vladimer Putin. This term refers to flatulence on a toilet.
Hey Fred, my longtime associate, I gotta take a Pootin.
by goferofdestruction August 6, 2020
Referring to a Kim Jong Un haircut. Being tablelike in quality and resting atop the head in a ridiculous fashion.
What an uncut man, you look like you could tyrannically rule an asian country!
by goferofdestruction February 24, 2021
What happens when you take two random superheroes whose scenes everyone skips on The Avengers DVD release, put them in a random sitcom that no viewers can relate to, and still manages to make an interesting tv show that we pay for... damn you marvel...
Guy: Yo I think Mephisto is secretly Quicksilver in WandaVision

Guy #2: What’s a WandaVision?
by goferofdestruction February 24, 2021