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Poot is your local basement dweller. She was trapped until the age of 17 and now lives in a sewer occasionally making her way to the red carpet every once in a while. (Actually a picture gone wrong of Demi Lovato)
Oh god you look exactly like poot the basement dweller!
by Fquigs March 08, 2017
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Poot. Poot is Demi's twin sister who has been locked in a basement her entire life and just now came out, stealing Demi's fame. She is now a very popular meme.
Demi is so annoyed that Poot stole her spotlight.
by Fabulous Penguin December 20, 2015
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Poot is a unrecognized sibling of the world famous Demi Lovato. She came out to the world through Twitter, where she states she was "locked in a basement her whole life," (@OfficialPoot on Twitter). We don't know much about Poot, other than what is stated in her Twitter bio.
"Poot! Clean the dishes before your famous sister gets home!"
by sweglord123456789 December 13, 2015
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Word used by Bible-toters to replace the objectionable word of fart. Farts usually follow a day of drinking draft beer and eating soft-boiled eggs, whereas a poot is usually let loose on a church pew after a healthy breakfast of grapefruit and bran muffins. Both can have nosehair curling stench and loud re-verberating echoes, however the poot is usually excused as "God's Little Airhorn".
Gospel singer: "Gosh, I just let a little poot. I'm so embarrased." **blush**

Motorcycle mechanic: "Jesus, I almost shit myself with that air biscuit. Bring me another PBR"

Gospel singer: "That's so disgusting"

Motorcycle mechanic: "Baahh, man up and grow a pair, ya little sissy" **belch**
by SenorMusk August 28, 2007
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a particularly airy fart; a type of fart that a girl would make.
by Crunkmasta Flex August 11, 2003
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