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The term used when someone farts in another persons face.
Pooting is = *person positions backside near someones face and lets one rip*
by JayGulBard May 15, 2007
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The act of texting while taking a dump at the same time.
Tom : Whats up?
Jerry : Oh nothing man just came home and starting pooting
Tom : Oh man i haven't pooted for like ages
Jerry : OMG I'm crowning so bad it's like I'm giving birth to a brown baby boy!
by pu3k September 30, 2009
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When you're bored or doing homework and you NEED to do something, you go eat a snack, maybe more than one.
Mom: What are you doing?
Son: Well, I was bored with homework, so I'm pooting.
by Dick Tionary January 09, 2008
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The definition of a pooting is where you eat while having a poo
Connor:by luke I’m gonna go for a pooting
Luke:what’s a pooting
Connor:it’s where you eat and have a dump at the same time
by Pooting May 10, 2019
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