loss of blood to the brain due to overly large erection.
i get gaint all the frikin' time
by tom November 25, 2003
loss of blood to the hea due to an oversized erection
i always get gaint
by ptt November 26, 2003
(adj) describes and incredibly larger thing, when there is no other word
(sometimes confused with "giant")
"dude space is fucking huge"
"nah man, its gaint"
by 60shadesofkiera January 15, 2017
A huge boner that causes blood loss to the brain due to the huge fuck off boner
"Oi mate paul had a gaint yesterday" "what the fuck is a gaint?" "A gaint is blood loss in the brain caused from a huge boner"
by Crackheaddinosaur July 15, 2017
Hillbilly-ism/mispelling of the word 'Giant'.
"Welcome to Bubba's tavern, home of the gaint tenderloin sandwich!"
by Pancho&Lefty September 5, 2008
A term used to describe someone who is so uneducated and defective that they could be mistaken as certifiably mentally challenged

Created from the "Share The Air" Presentation video on YouTube to describe the complete idiocy of Rachel Sequoia. Normal words can't describe how brainless she is, so one had to be created
That girl Rachel Sequoia is seriously trying to get $500,000 from investors to bottle air to sell to people, plants, and cats. What a gaint!

Did you see that hipster gaint with his college beard and skinny jeans?

No you gaint, rollerblading naked behind a car isn't a good idea.
by ElCoon March 29, 2011
Wow caimyn has a gaint penis
by Caimyn November 22, 2017