The most beautiful person you could ever meet and if you know someone called primrose keep her close to your heart.
Primrose is so kind
by TheLegendaryDoDo March 4, 2018
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Like the smell of a rose the person has a sweet personality and a main character in a story.
Ryan is a really nice girl. You can say she is like a primrose in real life.
by 21_wishes_in_a_dream October 3, 2017
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Strong individual character with an amazing intellectual capacity. She has the ability to brighten up even the darkest of situations. She is a self-driven individual with the capacity to change the world for the good. She is beautiful in every aspect and has a certain glow about her. A person to talk to, someone who is always there for you. Has your back even in your most difficult of moments. She will tell you right from wrong and will make sure her opinion is known. She has the most amazing personality and the biggest heart, once you get to know her. She is slow to love. She doesn't like to move fast, and she takes her time.
Yesterday I met an interesting individual with the purest of hearts, she must be Primrose.

I hope to stay her baby daddy (☺♥)
by Tanashe03 :) March 16, 2021
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A short girl with either blonde or peachy colored hair. Primroses often have blue eyes with some heterochromia. They are very talented and love to dance as if no one is around. They like k-pop, and Suga is their bias in BTS. Primroses are very smart and extremely pretty.
Damn, look at that Primrose
by aheckinghecker April 29, 2018
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A beautiful guinea pig who is very beloved and she was loyal and sweet.
I miss Primrose.
by Spookybuddies July 12, 2018
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The primrose seed is a seed needed to clear the Henesys Party Quest.

The seed comes in 6 different colours.

Henesys Party Quest is an activity you can do together with the rest of a party in the MMORPG called 'Maple Story'.
Dude#1: "Which one do we need?"

Dude#2: "The yellow primrose seed."

Dude#3: "Done, I found it."
by Maximize Effort May 17, 2009
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