To move leisurely, with or without purpose.
A: Where are you going?
B: I'm just pootling about
A: you strange person

A: I fancy a pootle. Who's with me?
B: Hurray! From now on, I shall pootle everywhere.
by Flaze April 19, 2007
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To roam or wander
I'll just pootle down to the shops
by Sloppy Sue June 10, 2003
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A small, fluffy creature, often seen pootling along the ground.
"There goes a pootle, pootling along."
by Caroline April 12, 2005
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To wander about, by foot or mechanical transport, with no specific destination in mind.
They were in the village, just pootling about in their motorcar.
by d.n. citoyen August 21, 2020
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To browse the internet when not actually looking for something specific.
'What you doing?'
'I'm Just Pootling on the web'
by BubbleSheep July 31, 2008
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the vagina of a piglet
daves head looks just like a pootling
by pootlesaurus February 7, 2010
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